9S1 Period 4 Friday 3rd July 2015

Finishing your Trench Warfare leaflet. 

Check List

Front Cover

  • company name
  • experience name
  • experience image(s)
  • company information – what is time Machine? company email, company web address (url) company logo

Back Cover / Other Pages

  • Explanation of weekend
  • Experience facts and figures
  • primary sources – soldiers’ letters
  • Experience images
  • Company logo

General guidelines

  • Use a sans serif font like comic sans MS, arial or verdana.
  • Body text between 10 and 12 points
  • Titles and subtitles no more than 20 points.

TASK 2 – 2 STARS and 1 WISH

Look at your buddies leaflet.  Can you suggest TWO things that you like about their leaflet?  Now be a critical friend – suggest ONE improvement to their leaflet.


Content – Will secondary school children interested in the text and images you included.  If you copy straight out of the internet and make no attempt to reword your text, then they may not understand the language of your text!

Colour – Children tend to like brighter colours, rather than dark colours.

FontSmooth, round fonts (SAN SERIF) are good for younger children as they are easier to read.

Print your leaflet to the KC2 colour printer. 

When you finish…

Try to achieve 100 percent in this assessment.

Try any of the activities on THIS PAGE

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